The Common Good in the Digital Age

Tjasa Sobocan

Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia, Project Manager - Slovenia, Ljubljana

Working Group Coordinator Session 4: Future horizons and their respective ethical dilemmas


Tjaša Sobočan is a Project Manager at Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia, focused on digital innovations in education sector and civil society. She holds a Master degree in Diplomacy with a special focus on social innovations and public diplomacy. Within her international experiences from Germany, Belgium and Austria, she is a mentor and a speaker at various occasions, such as U.S. TechCamp, OECD High Policy Social Forum, European Investment Bank, etc. Tjaša is also one of the authors of first Slovenian book on social innovations (Thinking social innovations, 2019). Focused on empowering people through (emerging) technology, she is also an Alumni in WorldChicago Professional Tech Fellowship (2018) and International Visitor Leadership Program (2019) as her work lies in building new partnerships and creating ideas to generate impact and social change with digital tools.