The Common Good in the Digital Age

Carlo Maria Polvani

Pontifical Coulcil of Culture, Adjunct Sub-Secretary - Italy, Rome

Keynote speaker Session 4: Future horizons and their respective ethical dilemmas


 Mons. Carlo Maria Polvani, Adjunct Sub-Secretary of the Pontifical Coulcil of Culture since July 26th2019, was born in Milan on July 28th1965. Educated in the Istituto Leone XIIIand then in the Collège Stanislas, he earned a Baccalauréat Français Section Scientifique avec mentionin 1982. Enrolled in the Department of Biochemistry atMcGill University(Montréal, Canada), he received in 1985 a B.Sc. with honours and in 1990 a Ph.D. Dean’s honour list, for his research on the enzymatic mechanism of the Sodium Potassium ATPase. After a Master of Divinity with distinction, in 1993 at the Weston School of Theologyin Cambridge, Massachusetts, he received from the Pontifical Gregorian Universityin Rome, a License summa cum laudein Canon Law in 1995 and a Specialization summa cum laudein Jurisprudence and Forensic Psychology in 1996. Admitted in the Pontifical Lombard Seminaryin Rome, he was ordained a presbyter for the Archdiocese of Milan by His Eminence Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini on February 14th1998 and completed his Doctorate in Canon Law summa cum laudein 1999 with the examination of a distinctively canonical institution: the authentic interpretation of laws. Enrolled in the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academyin Rome, he was destined to the Diplomatic Service of the Holy See, on July 1st1999, to serve as Secretary in the Apostolic Nunciature in México. He was then called to the Secretariat of State and, since 2007, he is in charge of the Information and Documentation Office in the Section for General Affairs, as well as being the Representative of the Holy See in the Government Advisory Committee of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). He collaborates with the L’Osservatore Romanowith articles on mathematics, science and technology.