The Common Good in the Digital Age

Pierre Martinot-Lagarde

International Labour Organisation, Special advisor for socio-religious affairs - Switzerland, Geneva

Working Group Coordinator Session 3: Future of work


Fr Martinot-Lagarde is a French Jesuit, he has been Special-Advisor for socio-religious Affairs at the International Labour Organisation since April 2008. Previously, he served as editor in chief and then Director of the Journal Projet and the Centre de Recherche et d’Action Sociales, in Saint Denis, the social ethics centre of the French Jesuits. While working at the ILO, he has developed with International Catholic Migration Commission a global project “The future of work, labour after laudato Si”. The project brings together a large set of global catholic organisations with academics, to address the social and ethical challenges about labour raised by Laudato Si. The emphasis is placed on discerning collectively on the common good in the world of work.

Previously, Fr Martinot-Lagarde has developed a set of interreligious consultation on work, developing a method which helps identify common values and meanings while at the same time addressing concrete local challenges (in relation to issues such as youth employment, migration, poverty, informality, social protection).

Fr Martinot-Lagarde has collaborated and published extensively in the Journal Projet, and also with other Journals such as Aggiornamenti Sociali, Etudes, Choisir.

He hold a Ph. D in Demography (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA) and a master in theology (Centre Sèvres, Paris, France).

He was born in 1984, and joined the Jesuit in 1984, and has been ordained priest in 1994. He is currently a member of the Geneva Jesuit Community.